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What can you do with too many apples? Make applesauce! Tasty healthy applesauce with just apples, honey and cinnamon plus lemon juice.  Here's how we do that.

You will need three (3) pounds of apples, a lot of apples! But they are going to disappear into smoush, so that's not too many. You will need one cinnamon stick or 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon, honey or real honest maple syrup if you like that better. And a whole lemon.

Now let's put them all together, wave our magic spoon over the pot and get....applesauce!

The hard part is first. We have to take the peel off all the apples and shake the seeds out. Seeds are what make an apple tree and we don't want trees in our sauce. So we need a peeler to help us. We can go up and down or we can go around; whatever's more fun to do. And if you miss a little piece of peel, that's okay. We can use the vitamins hiding in there.  Ready, steady...okay look at this picture. Do you see where there are two curves on the peeler handle? That's for your fingers. Put them there so you don't peel them.

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Okay, now we have to cut the apples into pieces and take away the seeds. We need a little knife and a cutting board. And when we cut, we can throw the pieces into the applesauce pot. It should be a large pot that feels heavy. Ready, steady, go...

First we cut the apples in half. Then we cut each half in half again.

First we cut the apples in half. Then we cut each half in half again.

Now we scrape the seeds away. If this is hard, ask for help, When no seeds are in the way, cut each piece of apple in half again and put it in the pot. The hard part is over because when all the apple pieces are in the pot, there's only something fun left to do. We make our applesauce delicious!  We add honey and cinnamon and lemon juice, our secret weapon.

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First we bury the cinnamon stick in the apples. Then we put in the honey: how about 4 tablespoons? That is the same as 1/4 cup. And finally our secret weapon: lemon juice! Here's a trick. To get the juice to come out of a lemon, first you put your hand on top and roll it back and forth on a table or the kitchen counter maybe 3 times. Press down when you are playing rolly poly. That gets the juice flowing. Cut the lemon in half. Now because it has seeds we don't want in our sauce, we need to squeeze the lemon into a sieve: that's something with a screen to catch the seeds.

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Okay! We are almost done. All we have to do now is cook our apples into sauce. So get out your magic spoon like Nana's. Whip it through everything in the pot and say magic words: I am the boss of this applesauce. Turn the heat underneath between medium and low. It will cook while you clean up. Put a lid on the pot to keep everything inside hot. Give it time now. Maybe 1/2 hour.

All of a sudden you're going to see smoush in that hot pot! Remember to have a glove on your hand when you touch the lid. Put your magic spoon in the pot and if it moves around without hitting something hard, your smoush is almost applesauce! That's what we want. We just have to decide if we like chunky or smooth applesauce. What do you say? You are the boss of this applesauce. If you like chunky, there is nothing more to do but stir two more times to smash any big pieces. Turn off the heat and wait til the applesauce cools enough to eat.  If you like smooth, take your magic spoon and smash the chunks, then stir and whir until it looks smooth to you. If you like it even smoother, you can put everything in that pot into a blender or food processor and give it a whiz. That's how easy applesauce is!