Once upon a time, Nana Chef became a fool for food. Because she knew everybody in the whole world needs to eat, she started going into kitchens all over to learn how they did that. She saw what different people cook. Nana found the the same thing everywhere she went: eating food makes everybody very, very happy. Nana did not find one person who did not like food or like to talk about their favorite things to eat. She saw cooking bring everyone together to share and be friends. She saw how cooking is very important. It is very powerful. A good cook is a loving friend, someone who is always popular because they make others happy. So Nana wants to wave her wooden spoon and teach you the magic of cooking. You can be a fool for food happily ever after too.


Veggiyana is the name of the charity Nana started to feed Buddhist monks, nuns and schoolchildren. It provides cooking classes, orchards and vegetable gardens too.  Nana has also cooked with San Francisco kids after school for Cooking Matters and taught other Nanas in Maine. She studied food history and has written about food for websites and magazines. She's also given talks on how people use their food as medicine to be healthy.

How to Fix a Leek...and Other Food From Your Farmers' Market is Nana's cookbook telling everybody when the best food comes out of the garden into the kitchen and what you can make of it. Her other book is Veggiyana, the Dharma of Cooking. It tells you why everybody eats what they eat and has 108 lip smacking recipes from around the planet. 

Before all that, Nana owned a very popular catering business called Tastewrights. And a super popular cookie business! Back then, she was known as Sandy. Sandy Garson.